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About Me


I am in year 1 of my 10 year plan to become a full time photographer. Until then, I spend my time as a full time application designer. I am also a mother to 5 children, 4 cats, 3 dogs and a ferret. I have been married to my best friend for 20 years. We are both home all the time and still rarely get tired of each other!

Why Photography

As a mother of a bagillion children, and at the ripe old age of 40, I realize how important it is to have quality images of my family at every stage of life. My oldest daughter recently graduated high school and led me to my love of Senior photography. My second oldest daughter played little league softball for years and I loved photographing the team capturing moment so that moms and dads could watch the game and trust I could capture the important plays. My son followed his sisters 8 years later, and I was very aware how fast kids grow and change... enter my baby, who is almost 3... where did the time go... I just don’t have the mental capacity to keep all these moments in my memory bank forever... good thing I have photos to cherish forever!

Supporting Others

I have found during my journey in learning how to run a business, you need a good support system. I am a member of a few online communities of photographers where we support and encourage and learn from each other. I am a member of Silvis Main Street so that I can help support the progression of my community. I love to build others up. I find that photography is a way to capture the beauty in individuals that others can see, so that the subject can see it in themselves. I love to support local businesses as well. In a day in age where there is so much competition, it’s nice to know there are still others I can count on for support. I truly believe, your vibe attracts your tribe!